Welcome to Kishanfarm

KISHAN FARM COMPANY is established in 2018, It is venture group of Education Expert Foundation.We are recognized as a foremost Manufacturer and Supplier of highly effective array of Organic Fertilizer, Agriculture Fertilizer and Bio Fertilizer.Our principal products are: seeds, seedlings, dry stevia leaves, stevia powder and pure stevia extracts. AgriStevia invests heavily in R&D and manages its own propagation,

nursery and plantations as well as providing services to contracted collaborating growers. AgriStevia was founded on the principal of implementing quality agribusiness solutions for innovating and maximizing the production of stevia.
Our mission is to be a major producer of stevia leaf and to be the Indian leader in servicing stevia farmers. Our vision is to be the preferred stevia “Agri-Partner” creating international synergies to ensure a sustainable and quality supply chain of ecological and organic cultivated stevia.

Our Product

Stevia Leaves

Stevia is an intensely sweet-tasting plant that has been used to sweeten beverages and make tea since the 16th century. The plant is originally native to Paraguay and Brazil but is now also grown in Japan and China. It is used as a non-nutritive sweetener and herbal supplement.

Stevia Green Powder

Green stevia powder. Also known as sweet leaf, stevia is a shrub native to Paraguay that has been used for centuries as a sweetener in herbal and medicinal teas. Though uncommon in the United States, stevia is used in Asia, South America, and some European countries

Stevia White Powder

The stevia leaves can be dried, crushed, and used as a sweetener. They are sweeter than sugar, but the “licorice-y” aftertaste is stronger than that of the pure white powder extract. You can also buy stevia in this powdered form